MOBIAK S.A. was established in 1977 in Chania Prefecture in Crete. Nowadays MOBIAK is the biggest company in Greece and one of the most rapidly developed in Balkan area, Europe and Middle East, ragarding the industry of Fire- Fighting Equipment.

For more than fifteen years, MOBIAK’s activities developed in two main sectors, gases and fire-fighting. The first sector concerns the production and bottling of medical and industrial gases, while the second one the assembling and trading of fire extinguishers, the trading of all kinds of fire fighting equipment, fire suppression systems and fire extinguisher inspection. Moreover, after 2001, a third activity was added: trading of medical equipment.

MOBIAK’s gases sector co-operates with some of the biggest production companies in Greece. Actually, MOBIAK procures the raw materials in liquid condition (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon), stores them in big low pressure tanks and bottles them in high pressure cylinders. MOBIAK also produces Acetylene, while it also supplies with liquid Oxygen all the public Hospitals / clinics inside Crete inland.

During 2006, the Company acquires a 2000m2 warehouse in Aspropirgos (Attica) and at the end of the same year, a new warehouse 1500m2 starts operation in Thessaloniki, in order to serve customers in both Northern Greece and the Balkan area.

Βesides the new warehouses operation, MOBIAK decides to implement a big investment program of about 5,500,000€ at its premises in Chania, which was completed during 2006 and included the installation of a fully automatic fire extinguisher assembling line and the construction of a new building of about 2500mfor housing the new assembling line, the offices and the expansion of the raw materials and the ready products storage area (800m2). The capability of the new production line of fire extinguishers exceeds 150 pieces per hour. The high sensitivity helium sensor tests for any possible leakage of the propellant gas for every produced or inspected fire extinguisher.   

At the same time, an important investment of 1,000,000€ was carried out in the gases sector. A new bottling line was then established and the old buildings were completely renovated (1000m2).

The above mentioned investments together with MOBIAK’s policy based on high quality, competitive prices, high products’ variety and tempting delivery terms, due to great storage ability, established the company into a leading position in the Balkan Market. Today, MOBIAK trades more than 750 different products, 90 of them concern different types of fire extinguishers (dry powder, foam, water, wet chemical, CO2 - portable and wheeled / trolley and permanent systems), all certified according to the European Standards (EN3, CE, SOLAS, EN 1866, EN 1964). Moreover from 2012 MOBIAK introduced also a new range of UL – ULC listed Fire Extinguishers.


MOBIAK grows fast improving constantly its products and services. Several investments have been made in the recent past period and others are ongoing under the name of MOBIAK S.A. GREECE:

·         MOBIAK Middle East Branch, responsible for Research, Development and Sales in Middle East countries

·         MOBIAK China Branch, responsible for Quality Control-Inspection, Design and R&D of Raw Material used for the Manufacture-Assembly of Fire Fighting Equipment at the Factory in Greece

·         MOBIAK Balkans Branches in F.Y.R.O.M and Kosovo, used as Fire Fighting Equipment Distribution Centers in order to offer Tempting Delivery Terms and optimized Customer Service in the Balkan Area

·         MOBIAK PYROPROSTASIA Branch, responsible for Fire Protection Studies, Fire Fighting Equipment & Suppression Systems Installation as well as for offering Technical Support related to MOBIAK’s fire fighting equipment.

By acquiring the capability of actively participating in vital production sectors, MOBIAK has managed to have not only an active clientele (only of fire fighting sector) in Greece that exceeds the 500 wholesalers, but also exports in a worldwide scale with an International Sales Network of more than 40 different countries, such as Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM, Cyprus, Georgia, Sudan, Turkey, Egypt, Romania, Belgium, Kosovo, Finland, Latvia, Lithouania and Middle East Countries.







After all, today’s MOBIAK working power amounts 105 persons. The skilled personnel together with the up-to-date machinery guarantee the high quality products. MOBIAK is also certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 standards by ABS (Quality Management System), the ISO 14001:2004 standards by TUV (Environmental Quality System), the standard OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety) by EBETAM (MIRTEC), Bureau Veritas (BV) - RINA (Marine Fire Equipment Certification).

Having in mind its crucial role in the abovementioned three very sensitive sectors, MOBIAK promises to continue its efforts for constant quality improvement of all the supplied products and the provided services.

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