Freezing and chilling with the use of liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide

Nitrogen and carbon dioxide have applications in food industry both as gases but as liquids too. The reason is that due to their very low temperature as liquids they are perfect refrigerant agents. The advantage they have is that they can accelerate the freezing speed maintaining the product’s quality and also have very low installation cost.

MOVIAK GAS provides systems of continuous and non continuous freezing.




Fast freezing with cryogenic liquefied gases:
The liquefied nitrogen (LIN) or the liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) are ideal refrigerant agents.
The direct contact with of the cryogenic liquefied gas with the product achieves a great rate of heat transfer.

The procedure:
The product for freezing is transported on a belt to the freezing area, opposite the flow direction of the emitting gas. This achieves better use performance of the gas. As the product continues its passing from the tunnel it is sprayed with the cryogenic gas.



Advantages for the user:
•    High freezing speed resulting to the preservation of the highest possible product quality
•    High efficiency, simple function
•    Minimum space requirements
•    Low installation cost

MOVIAK GAS freezing systems:
Established in this sector, combine high technology and design, aim to the highest simplicity and functionality to the last detail. Non standardised freezing systems are provided after pre ordering.


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