Dry ice is pure carbon dioxide free from oils and odours in solid form. Because of its attribute not to get liquefied but to evaporate and also because its strong refrigerating attribute is the best refrigerating, preservation and transportation agent. The stabilised carbon dioxide in blocks form or pellets is provided in special insulated boxes which have a very low percentage of evaporation, almost 5% to 15% per day, which depends on the type of material of the transportation vessel and the environmental conditions.



Dry ice advantages


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1.  Natural refrigerant agent

2.  Economical refrigerant agent

3.  Bacteriostatic

4.  Displaces oxygen- protects from oxidisation

5.  Protects products from humidity



Dry Ice Vessels


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     10Kg                           20Kg                                    180Kg                               300-­500Kg





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