kriogegnika doxeio

MOVIAK GAS facilities have special cryogenic tanks for the liquified gases storage. The liquified gases stored in the tanks are liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and liquid carbon dioxide.

They are liquified gases of high purity that can be used in all applications in demand, such as medical use and food industry.

  • Oxygen- Medical use for breathing use, Industrial use
  • Nitrogen- Medical use, Industrial use, Freezing technology
  • Argon- Laboratory use as carrier gas, industrial use

kriogegnika graph


kriogegnika oxygen  Advantages
  • Large storage space. For example the ratio Liquid Oxygen: Oxygen is 1:800
  • High freezing capability as their boiling point is low i.e. nitrogen boiling point: 196 oC
  • Assures the high quality of the product in the certain physical state


  • Frostbite
  • Asphyxiation of gases except oxygen
  • Oxygen causes fire


  • Canisters LOX, LIN
  • Portable tanks LOX, LIN, LAR
  • Fixed tanks LOX, LIN, LAR
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