Offering classifications, technical knowledge and complete equipment, we carry out the necessary routine checks in high and low pressure vessels. The routine check is conducted in certain periods as applied by the legislation and includes visual check, plate thickness measurements with ultrasounds, safety valves checks and hydraulic checks.


MOVIAK PLC is a registered company from the accredited body MIRTEC for legally operating as an Audit center for the following products:


Α. Audit center: complied with direction 2010/35/EE &ADR 2011system quality.
1. Portable gas vessels- Steel gas vessels seamless
2  Portable gas vessels- Carbon Steel gas vessels welded
3.Portable gas vessels- Dissolved Acetylene vessels
4. Portable gas vessels- gas vessels from Aluminium alloy seamless




Β. Verification for rules of vessels operation audit center authorization, according to Υ.Α. Num. 14165/Φ. 17.4/373/28.07.93
1.    Canisters pressure volume higher than 150lt and less than 450lt
2.    Steel vessels seamless (except ADR listed)
3.    Steel vessels seamed (except ADR listed)
4.    Aluminium alloy vessels seamless (except ADR listed)


Audit center aims at:

  1. Regulation compliance
  2. Safe use and container quality assurance
  3. Container life time lengthening

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