Protection equipment

The main aim of MOVIAK GAS is the secure transportation and storage of the compressed gases cylinders. The necessary equipment that must be included in all the cylinders is the protection cap or/and the protection clutch. Those two protect the cylinder valve in the case of pounding and compulsory discharging.

For the high pressure fire extinguishers accordingly exist the valve protection cap which protects in case of the extinguisher’s falling. During the transportation of hazardous cargo labelled 2.1, 2.2 danger with UN 2037 and 2.1 class, the necessary protection equipment is the ADR sack. For the tank trucks exist the equivalent 6kg fire extinguishers or the fire extinguisher kit set that can protect from dangerous situations.



Cylinder Valve protection cap kapaki 


Safety carrying handle for the cylinders transportation lavi


Valve protection disk for
falling protection



Trolley carriages for the transportation
and storage (i.e. ambulances)

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