Gas products have a significant role in every sector of industry, commerce, science and researches, aiming to improve life, contribute to environmental protection, health and safety.

Our clients by using our products improve their competiveness, minimise the production cost and reinforce their quality and productivity. It’s a fact that the use of many common products, from refreshments to vehicle motors, would not have been possible without the industrial gases. Also in the everyday’s life and in business practices the innovative technologies based in gases lead the way for new sustainable applications and new green alternative choices in every aspect of everyday’s life. worker

Our knowledge and experience in the field of safe use of gases, assure our clients that we comprehend their needs in the area of equipment, establishing us as an ideal partner for providing solutions. The gas equipment line has been chosen with the aim to provide the best quality, efficiency and safety, as well as stable reliability, facts that are proved through our pioneering guarantee.


The product line provided globally is manufactured based on the highest standards and include gas pressure regulators,   , simple or of many levels, cutting torches, flame traps, welding and cutting equipment as well as a wide variety of accessories. We understand the importance of the right combination of protection gas and welding material for a successful welding. Based on that we have carefully made a consumables welding materials choice, covering all types of welding, from general use electrodes MMA to top wires, solid or with a core. Our clients can find consumables for every material, from conventional soft steel to stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc.

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Safety is a priority and always the basic factor in everything we do. Our people and company as a whole constantly fight for the performance improvement in safety matters. Based on that the high quality safety products according to the industrial standards aim to fully protect from head to toe, to offer safety to the working place and to cover in emergency situations.

The industrial gases that MOVIAK GAS provides are:

  • Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Acetylene
  • Nitrogen
  • Compressed air
  • Hydrogen
  • Argon
  • Argon- carbon dioxide mixtures
  • Helium
  • Argon- oxygen mixtures


Gas type



Cutting and welding metals

Acetylene Cutting metals
Nitrogen Leaking control, piping cleaning, filming, tire filling
Argon MIG aluminium welding, TIG welding
Carbon dioxide Metal working industry of non ferrous materials in scrapping works
Compressed air Garages, sand blasting, mattresses manufacturing, electrostatic
Mixtures CΟ2 – Ar GORGON MAG welding of common steel
Mixtures Ο2   – Ar GORGON S CRONIGON S MAG welding of stainless steel
Mixtures CΟ2 – He – Ar CRONIGON He MAG welding of stainless steel
Mixtures H2 – He – Ar VARIGON MIG welding TIG aluminium welding
Mixtures H2  – N2 FORMING GAS Weld root protection


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