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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is a colourless, tasteless, odourless and inert gas. During its use there is no damage occurring (as opposed to water or dry powder, whose use in many cases causes damages), it is harmless for most materials and does not pollute food, it is not corrosive and is no heat conductive. So it can be safely used in areas with perishable electric and electronic installations, valuable pieces of art, paintings or manuscripts, flammable fluids warehouses, electrical substations, ovens and incinerators. Because it causes asphyxiation its use in areas with people and animals is not recommended. CO2-symbool-met-gasbellen

The three dimensional action of Carbon Dioxide means that can put out fires, both vertical and horizontal. Due to its quick movement it is capable of infiltrating any obstacle through gaps and reach non accessible and hidden areas.

Carbon Dioxide is a stable commercial product with many applications and is provided worldwide in many types of extinguishers.

IG 541

The IG 541 is being used for extinguishing fires in sensitive areas , such as in areas of call centers , computer vulnerable devices , machines etc.
The IG 541 is a mixture of nitrogen ( 52% ) , argon ( 40% ) and carbon dioxide ( 8% ) , it is odorless , colorless , non- corrosive and it consists of gas are free to atmosphere does not affect the ozone layer and is zero increasing effect of the heat of the atmosphere.
The IG 541 extinguishes fire by reducing the oxygen level in the room below 13% ( where most materials cease burning ). Simultaneously, the percentage of carbon dioxide in the mixture , protects anyone trapped in the field of fire of the low oxygen level . This is because when the carbon dioxide contained in the blood and controlling human respiration , increased, then the transfer of oxygen to the brain increases , respectively . Thus, if a person is exposed in an environment with oxygen content less than 21% , which is the normal, then suffers ypoxogonia , which is a dangerous situation. The presence of carbon dioxide in the IG 541 creates dilation of the arteries that supply blood to the brain, resulting in an increase by about 15% of the transported oxygen therein compared to the normal atmosphere .
To IG 541 is stored in cylinders  16,40,60,67,5 and 80 liter

  • Carbon Dioxide portable extinguishers 
  • Carbon Dioxide mobile extinguishers
  • Carbon Dioxide fixed installation system
  • IG 541 fixed extinguishing system
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