The gases suitable for the food industry are a natural way to cover the increasing demands for quality, variety and freshness in food and beverages industry. More and more the consumers demand products with less or no preservatives as alternative choices to the conventional food preservation. Gases are proved to be absolutely necessary to the increasing food consumption inspired from home made recipes. The increasing preference of value in nutrition enhances the interest for healthy food and beverages, especially food in portions that can be de frosted and served.

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Our company’s leading technology and applications improve the quality, increase the performance and suspend the products’ lifetime on selves. No matter in which sector of food and beverages industry you belong (diary, meat, fish, bakery, grocery or canned products) you will find the solution in our portfolio.
The solutions vary from cleaning and adding carbon dioxide, freezing and chilling, controlled and modified atmospheres, pioneering technologies for water processing, hydrogenation, fumigation, aquaculture and greenhouse fruit and vegetables. All the above apply to all national and international food standards.


The gases used in food industry are:

  • Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen- carbon dioxide- oxygen mixtures
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Nitrogen- ethylene mixtures
  • Oxygen
  • Sulphide dioxide

All the above gases and mixtures are bottled in MOVIAK GAS facilities and certified for their food industry quality.  


Gas type Application
Nitrogen N2
Atmosphere sterilization, protective gas winery, food packaging
Oxygen Ο2
Preserves all visible quality characteristics of products, food packaging
Carbon dioxideCΟ2
Atmosphere sterilization, protective gas, food packaging, Carbonating water, drinks and sodas
MixturesN2 – CΟ2 – Ο2 BIOGON NCO Atmosphere sterilization, protective gas, food packaging
Mixture C2H4­ N2
Gas mixture for the artificial fruit ripening

Sulphur dioxide SΟ2


Dry fruit, nuts processing, winery








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